Pump timer PT-05

Keep the bait alive and catch the largest dentex!



The product`s purpose is to regulate the pump of the living-bait tank. The living squid, cuttlefish or some smaller fish is used as bait in heavy-lure trolling. Since the bait-fishing usually takes place in the sunset, and the trolling in the morning, the bait needs to be kept alive in the meantime. That is the function of the living-bait tank. A special tank (a barrel or some other plastic bowl) is placed somewhere on the vessel. The fresh sea water is pumped into the tank, and the surplus drained back to the sea. Without the supply of fresh water, the lack of oxygen eventually kills the bait. With the constant supply of water and oxygen, the bait gets stunned (“drunk”) after a couple of hours, reducing its attractiveness to the potential catch. The constant work mode of the pump spends a lot of electricity, compared to the default capacity of a recreational boat`s battery.

How the regulator works

The regulator periodically turns the living-bait tank`s pump on and off, enabling the optimal vitality of the bait and the saving of electricity. The constant work of a 60W pump while keeping the bait alive at night (e.g. for 8 hours) spends about 40Ah of electricity. The recommended settings of the regulator are the one-minute work period of the pump with a five-minute pause. Such work mode gives the bait enough fresh water and oxygen, but decreases the use of electricity by six times, to about 6,7 Ah during 8 hours. Such regulators have been in use for a couple of years and have proven to be very practical.

The regulator`s specifications

  • Control board with a switch (Timer / OFF / Bypass) and two potentiometers
  • Regulation of the pump`s work period: 1-15 min
  • Pause regulation: 2-30 min
  • Installation voltage: 12V
  • Maximal power of the pump: 120W (10A) – an additional relay is needed for stronger pumps

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PT-05 flyer
PT-05 manual


I just got the new timer. Thank you for your professionalism. I’ll test it over the weekend and if it’s ok, I’ll recommend your company to my fishing buddies.

Bruno, Amadora, Portugal